Seeking Models

Seeking models


I am always in search of models to create art with, so if you are interested in working with me please read the following information and if you think you would be a good fit, see the contact information section below.

What I'm looking for:

What I am looking for in a model is actually a little bit hard to explain and probably not what you would expect; I am not looking to do fashion or glamour or what you would get from a typical studio sitting, and I'm not looking for you to be perfectly dressed, your makeup flawless or your hair perfectly styled. In fact, I am not really looking for professional models at all. I very much like working with ordinary women who are not experienced but would like to help me create art purely for art's sake. Or, you may simply want have a visual record of what you look like now, who you are at this particular point in time, and do so in a more artistic way than a traditional studio portrait. I'm looking for models that look and act like real, but interesting people, attractive but in a non-traditional way. Imperfect but intriguing.


While I live in Alamosa, I travel fairly often throughout Colorado, especially to Colorado Springs and Denver and occasionally to neighboring states. It would be nice to find a model or models locally to work with in an ongoing basis, but don't hesitate to contact me even if you don't live nearby. If you are not local, however, keep in mind that we will be limited to outdoor shoots, or, alternatively if you have an indoor location where we can shoot I can bring portable lighting and backdrops.

Types of shoots:

I am interested in doing all kinds of shoots ranging from indoor controlled lighting shoots to outdoor/nature shoots, city and street photography, work or play, boudoir, retro, cosplay, shoots with a cultural theme or emphasis, and recreations of historical scenes and homages to historical art and artists. I prefer to work with models who are comfortable with both nude and non-nude shoots, but I understand that some people are simply not comfortable posing nude - If that's the case it's still possible that we can work together if you have some great ideas or if there is something about you that really intrigues me.

Other stuff:

As I said above, I am looking for ordinary people, but with someting interesting or special or intriguing about them. I'm looking primarily for female models, but that's not an absolute. Any age (but if under 18, only with full parental involvement and consent, and obviously, non-nude shoots) or race, and while I am currently looking for models that are more lithesome and petite, that does not rule out models that are more rubenesque. Your face and the way your expressions look and your eyes are far more important to me than your body type.

How it works:

I do not charge for photo shoots - I am only interested in models who are interested in collaberating with me to create art. Functionally, it would work like what is called TFCD, or Trade For CD, whereby you trade your time and talent for copies and limited usage rights to a subset of the images taken during our session. In other words, there is no compensation either way but we both get images for our respective portfolios.

If you are interested in modeling for me or have any questions at all please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information:

David Peasley
PO Box 1574
Alamosa CO 81101

You can contact me through any of the venues listed below:
My main web site - - contains both model photography and my work in landscapes.
My Facebook Page.
My Tumblr Blog where most of my new work first gets posted.
My Tumblr Page of images by other photographers that I admire - this is a good place to see at least some of the kinds of images that I like.
My ModelMayhem Page - this is a place where photographers and models connect - an excellent resource for both!